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8 Best Chinese Food and Dishes You Must Try

Best Chinese Food is an integral part of Chinese culture, with its long history, unique features, variety of styles, and excellent cuisine.

Traditional Chinese cuisine is famous for its color, smell, taste, texture, and style.

Chinese cuisine can be divided into eight recipes, including sweet and sour flavors and hot and spicy flavors.

The main thing is to balance the three components of each dish: appearance, smell, and taste.

Best Chinese Food - Favorite and Traditional Dishes

Best and Favorite Chinese Food – Modern and Traditional Dishes

They pay attention to the excellent appearance of the Food and the different colors. Sauces and spices such as fish sauce, five spices, frozen sauce, gravy, vinegar, garlic root, fresh ginger, and other spices and condiments are used to offer complex flavors.

Chinese Food is made of two basic things. It must contain carbohydrates or fats such as pasta, rice, or flour or fried vegetables, fish, and meat dishes.

These restaurants use lots of fresh vegetables like mushrooms, tofu, chestnuts, and bamboo in their dishes.

Here are the top 8 best Chinese dishes and recipes that everyone may want to try:

Most Popular 8 Best Chinese Food:

  1. Chinese Kung Pao Chicken

Kung Paul Chicken is an excellent fried chicken with a combination of savory, sweet, and spicy toppings. Once Made, this Chinese chicken dish was with dry flour.

Kung Pao chicken no longer has much sauce. However, with so many flavors in this dish, you may not remember or want another sauce. This Chinese dish is delicious.

  1. Yang Zhou Fried Rice

Yangzhou Fried Rice is a type of fried rice prepared by the Chinese that is popular as the best Chinese Food in many Chinese restaurants worldwide.

It is commonly called in the UK States as special fried rice. It is also known as house-special fried rice in America.

Yang Zhou Chinese Fried Rice

Yang Zhou Chinese Fried Rice

The only difference between Yang Zhou rice and fried rice is that the Yang Zhou type is a protein mixture.

Yangzhou uses various protein sources instead of using the same protein like pork, lard, or chicken breast as the main ingredient in fried rice.

  1. Stir-Fried Tofu with Rice

Fried rice is a rice dish cooked and fried in a cauldron or frying pan. After that, it is mixed with other foods such as eggs, seafood, meat, and vegetables. They have usually eaten alone or with other foods.

Fried Rice is an essential national dish for people in East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asian cuisines, and Indonesia and Malaysia.

There is a variety of fried rice made with other ingredients in other dishes at home.

First Produced fried rice was in China during the Sui Dynasty, so all fried rice dishes trace the origins of their fried rice.

  1. Scrambled Eggs with Tomatoes

Fried eggs and tomatoes are one of the most popular Chinese foods. The recipe uses only eggs, tomatoes, oil, and salt. Southerners often replace salt with sugar.

Scrambled Eggs and Tomatoes - Very Delicious and Tasty

Scrambled Eggs and Tomatoes – Very Delicious and Tasty

After cooking, red tomatoes and mayonnaise can still satisfy the appetite for dinner. This dish bowl is also juicy. Another popular method is to mix gravy into the rice.

  1. Chinese Hot Pot

This hot pot is a cooking method that first originated in China. This Chinese dish is also famous for soup food or steamboat.

The soup at the table is made with hot pot sauce, including East Asian dishes and cold cuts.

Familiar hot dishes include ground meats, green vegetables, mushrooms, vermicelli, chopped potatoes, tofu, seafood, beans, and fried eggs.

The raw material is pre-sliced, thin, and cooked quickly, then steamed in a boiling broth and kept at the temperature of a steaming pot.

  1. Honey Chilli Potato

Honey Chilli Potato is a classic Indo Chinese breakfast dish. You can find this Honey salty chili potato food in all Chinese cars in northern India.

Honey Chili Potato - Best Indo Chinese Breakfast Dish

Honey Chili Potato – Best Indo-Chinese Breakfast Dish

There is a good balance of taste and sweetness when potatoes are added to the sauce with salt.

  1. Spring Rolls

Chinese Spring Rolls are similar to Chinese dumplings. People use beef, vegetables, or sweet peas to fill the dough in a baking dish and place it in a cylinder to make delicious Chinese spring rolls, one of the most popular Chinese recipes.

These rolls or buns are fried until golden brown.

For southerners, it’s usually time to eat these spring rolls on the first day of spring to enjoy the “Beginning of spring. ”

  1. Chow Mein

Stir-Fried noodles are pronounced as “Chow mein” in Cantonese accent. This Chow mein stir-fried noodles dish is one of the best Chinese dishes.

Chow Mein - The Perfect Chinese Recipe

Chow Mein – The Perfect Chinese Recipe

The essential ingredients of Chow Mein are pasta, onions, ground beef, green peppers, and green onions.

The first noodles should be 90% cooked. Once cold, fry the noodles with the other ingredients until golden brown.

Chow mein is an easy recipe that is the first choice for a late dinner for most Chinese.

Best Chinese Food in San Diego

  1. Shan Xi Magic Kitchen Chinese Cuisine

For a real taste of Chinese cuisine, order from this magical Shan Xi kitchen. Satisfy your hunger with Chinese Food in San Diego right now.

  1. Dumpling Inn Chinese Restaurant

This restaurant satisfies your appetite with Chinese dumplings by ordering from this Kerni Mesa restaurant. You can order boiled pork chives, fried beef curry, and steamed vegetables according to your desire.

Fulfill your Chinese dumplings wish by ordering at this Kearny Mesa restaurant. You can choose cooked pork and chives, fried beef with curry, steamed vegetables, and more.

  1. Minh Ky Chinese Food Spot

Foods like noodle soup, rice noodle soup, and other Chinese dishes you can think of are highly recommended by this Minh Ky Chinese restaurant.

There are many budget options where you can try something different all the time with no shortage of options.

  1. Poway’s Beijing City

For Northern Chinese cuisine, try this Poway’sBeijing City. All of their dishes are ready, but garlic shrimp,kung pao chicken, tofu, and fish are some of the best options.

Poway's Beijing City - Northern Chinese Cuisine

Poway’s Beijing City – Northern Chinese Cuisine

  1. Little Chef Chinese Take-Out Restaurant

This Ocean Beach restaurant only accepts cash. So be prepared while you take your order. Must try wonton soup, spring rolls, and chow mein.

You can also dine on the beach, located just a few steps away from Little Chef restaurant.

Best Chinese Dishes in Chicago

  1. MCCB Chicago

Four founders establish the Modern Chinese Cookbook in Chicago with ten years of working experience in the Chinese food industry.

The specialty of MCCB is charcoal-grilled fish, a portion of street food from Chongqing, China.

  1. Minchin Chinatown

It’s a modern-style Chinatown in the basement of Chinatown Square. Dim sum is the best option to choose from a list of lunch photos.

You don’t need to waste time waiting for a cart to pass. Among the many options, the juicy har-gao filled with spicy shrimp is always delicious.

  1. Dolo Restaurant and Bar Chicago

Dolo is a restaurant not to be missed. It is always famous for its homemade dim sum and fresh fish. Enjoy all day sharing sandwiches and dumplings. Eat and taste essential Cantonese foods and Cajun-style chefs.

Dolo Restaurant and Bar In ChicagoDolo Restaurant and Bar In Chicago

Dolo Restaurant and Bar In Chicago

Guests don’t have to worry about parking as it is a private space. You can order your favorite deals through the Dolo website.

  1. Lula Café Chicago

It’s an all-day cafe with fresh bread and a delicious breakfast. The best options to try are the best Chinese Food, including Santa Rosa puppies, tropical onions, and basil with chicken, beetroot, and pumpkin in the evening.

You have to sit at the bar, eat snacks, chicken mousse, or whatever you like.

  1. Porto ChicagoWest City

Porto is one of the most exciting restaurants which is opened in Chicago, West City. The location in West City gives the feel of the Spanish, Portuguese and Midwestern coasts.

The setting is beautiful and modern. But be sure to eat at the bar while the chef prepares canned goods and other foods.

Chinese Food in Los Angeles

  1. Champion Cantonese

The specialty of this Cantonese is rice noodle rolls. These rice rolls are full of pork or beef and shrimp. Hearty gravies are also served with noodles and rice, as mentioned on the menu.

  1. Dai Ho Restaurant Los Angeles

This Die Ho restaurant in Los Angeles makes the best beef noodle soup. The restaurant accepts cash only.

One thing about Dai Ho is that they offer limited hours. Other dishes are delicious, from cold homemade apples to cold sesame noodles.

  1. Delicious Food Corner Los Angeles

Stay early at the Delicious food corner in the day for a traditional Hong Kong-style breakfast of pork porridge with canned eggs and fried croquettes.

Must try their rolls with pineapple butter whenever you want.

  1. Chengdu House Chinese Food

Chengdu House in the Valley is a reliable rental house in Sichuan, a rural valley. It offers chili chicken filled with dried peppers, cold cucumber salad, and spicy boiled fish.

Chengdu House - The Perfect Chinese Food Restaurant

Chengdu House – The Perfect Chinese Food Restaurant

  1. Yang Chow Chinese Restaurant

Yangzhou Classic Chinatown Restaurant offers everything like Black pork, Kung Pao chicken, peanut butter and spicy sauce, sweet and sour pork, and fried chicken rice.

It is the best Chinese recipe restaurant having a good location with free parking.

Best Chinese Food in Portland

  1. Szechuan Chef Restaurant

This old Szechaun Chef established in John’s landings offers a five-page menu of Sichuan and Cantonese dishes, including hand-made donuts, hand-made noodles, and cumin seeds soaked in chili oil.

The chef sets the fire without taking a sour taste. You can order Food online or call the restaurant for delivery.

  1. Duck House Portland

If you are from the west, this restaurant’s Wonton of Chili Oil and Dan Dan Noodles will probably last and be worth ordering.

Otherwise, the restaurant’s cumin, dried ripe green beans, and Sichuan hotpot are all great.

  1. Bing Mi Street Food Restaurant

Bang MI is a former 10th in Elder Cart Street Food restaurant. This restaurant also found a new home on Nob Hill last year. Bing Mi has a specialty in jianbing or delicious Chinese pancakes.

These pancakes are full of things like pasta, beans, vegetables, and fried bread.

  1. Chin’s Kitchen Dongbei

Chen’s kitchen was temporarily closed during the breakdown, but the Chinese food capital of Dongbei was open for dinner.

That’s vital information because, without Cindy Lee in the Portland summer, a nice translucent vegetable salad with noodles means you can’t stand it.

  1. Sichuan City Happy Valley

A beautiful and relaxing spot in Happy Valley, Sichuan City, offers explosive flavors and spicy seafood dishes.

A large number of dishes here are family-style. And also many large dishes for medium to large groups.


  1. How Many Cuisines Are There in China?

There are eight essential Chinese Cuisines. Since the Chinese have many cooking styles, Chinese chefs have identified the eight cooking methods as the best.

These eight Chinese recipes/cuisines are Cantonese, Fujian, Hunan, Anhui, Jiangsu, Shandong, Zhejiang, and Shekhuan.

  1. What Do People in China Eat?

There are many provinces in China, and each province has its own culinary culture, so the dishes differ from region to region.

Usually, rice is consumed as a staple food in most of China. However, districts like the Northeast and Northwest regions use pasta or noodles as their daily Food.

  1. Is Chinese Food the Same in China?

Chinese cuisine is very varied. In general, “Chinese food” is not originally outside of China. Authentic Chinese Food can make you look weird when you see it.

Chinese Food is different even in different districts of China. So it’s also different in other countries.

  1. Where Did Chinese Food Originate?

The history of Chinese cuisine begins with the 4000 -year -old archeology of the oldest noodle food on the Yellow Sea in China.

During the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD), well-organized food production from grains is evident.

  1. What Is the Best Chinese Food?

Chinese Food is always best in its color, taste, and appearance. However, some of the best Chinese dishes are Kung Paul Chicken, Yangzhou Fried Rice, Stir-Fried Tofu with Rice, Scrambled Eggs with Tomatoes, Chinese Hot Pot, Honey Chili potato, Spring rolls, and chow mein.

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