The Best Chinese Restaurants in Erie PA

Best Chinese Food In Erie PA

Best Chinese Restaurants in Erie PA is home to some of the best Chinese cuisines in the world.

From traditional dim sum and Peking duck to spicy Sichuan dishes, to Cantonese-style seafood, the city offers a variety of delicious Chinese food.

Best Chinese Food In Erie PA
Best Chinese Food In Erie PA

Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch, a family-style dinner, or a unique fine-dining experience, these restaurants in Erie serve some of the best Chinese food around.

Dim Sum Palace

Dim Sum Palace is a popular Chinese restaurant specializing in dim sum and traditional Chinese cuisine. This restaurant serves up dishes like tasty jiaozi, assorted barbecue platters, shrimp dumplings, and steamed buns.

The servers here are friendly and can even make recommendations on dishes for you.

Whether you’re in the mood for dim sum for breakfast or lunch or want an authentic Chinese dinner, Dim Sum Palace has it all.

Ming Garden

Ming Garden is another great spot for Chinese food in Erie. This restaurant offers a variety of popular Chinese dishes from sweet & sour chicken to Peking duck, as well as some lesser-known dishes like jellyfish salad and stir-fried bamboo with salted pork.

The atmosphere at Ming Garden is cozy and casual, making it the perfect choice for a casual dinner with friends or family.

Chinese Garden

Chinese Garden is a full-service Chinese restaurant that offers a wide selection of traditional Chinese dishes.

This stylish restaurant has a pleasant atmosphere and serves up some of the best dishes around.

Chinese Garden is sure to please with its delicious dishes like Cantonese chow mein, lo mein, and crispy wonton.

Tips For The Best Chinese Food Experience In Erie

  • Come prepared to try something new. It’s always worth trying new dishes, as many locals have their own interpretations of Chinese cuisine.
  • Be sure to bring cash. Many of these restaurants do not accept credit cards.
  • Do not be scared to ask questions. The waiters and chefs at these restaurants are very knowledgeable and happy to answer any questions you have.
  • If you’re looking for a truly authentic and unforgettable Chinese food experience, make sure to visit one of these great restaurants in Erie PA.

Chinese Buffet Erie, Pa

If you’re looking for a Chinese buffet in Erie, Pennsylvania, you may want to try Seafood Buffet King. This spot features classic Chinese-American cuisine, with a full salad bar, sushi bar, dim sum, and Peking Duck. They also offer a Mongolian grill, where you can customize your own plate.

Chinese Food Erie pa West 26th street

There are several Chinese restaurants located on West 26th Street in Erie, PA. These include Golden Palace Restaurant, Asian Taste Palace, Imperial Express, China Inn Restaurant, New Garden Chinese Restaurant, and Oriental Star.

Chinese Food Buffalo rd Erie Pa

Hui Lee Buffet is a Chinese restaurant located at 3301 Buffalo Rd, Erie, PA 16510. It offers a wide variety of traditional Chinese dishes, including lo mein, egg rolls, General Tso’s chicken, crab rangoon, fried rice, and much more.

Chinese Food Erie pa State Street

There are several Chinese restaurants on State Street in Erie, PA. They include China Inn, Kam’s Garden, Best Chinese, Yummy Chinese & Japanese, New Hong Kong Kitchen, and Great Wall Buffet.

Best Chinese Restaurants in Erie, PA

Erie, PA is full of amazing dishes from around the world, but Chinese food is one of the city’s best offerings. Here are the top five Chinese restaurants that are worth checking out!

1. Golden Flower

Golden Flower is a favorite in the area, offering up classic Chinese dishes with a modern twist. Their dim sum is a local favorite, especially the dumplings. They also have a great vegan selection, perfect for the health-conscious diner.

2. Imperial Palace

Imperial Palace is an all-time favorite due to its wide selection of Chinese offerings. They have a great variety of dishes and have been known to have the best Mongolian beef in town. Enjoy their classic Chinese buffet or delicious hot-and-sour soup.

3. House of Guan

House of Guan specializes in authentic Chinese cuisine and has been around for over three decades. Here, you can find dishes such as kung pao chicken, General Tso’s chicken, and moo shu pork. Their lunch specials are a great way to satisfy your cravings without having to break the bank.

4. Wok N Roll

If you’re in the mood for a light meal, then Wok N Roll is the perfect spot. Their popular Japanese bento boxes are filled with all sorts of delicious items, from sushi rolls to tempura vegetables. They also offer up a variety of noodles and stir-fried dishes to choose from.

5. Great Wall

Great Wall is a beloved restaurant that has been around for many years. Their Cantonese cuisine is delicious and they offer a ton of different dishes. Be sure to try their wonton soup, fried dumplings, and seafood platter.

Whether you’re looking for a classic takeout order or a sit-down experience, there is something for everyone when it comes to Chinese cuisine in Erie. Here are five of the best restaurants you should check out if you’re feeling adventurous:

  • Golden Flower
  • Imperial Palace
  • House of Guan
  • Wok N Roll
  • Great Wall

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