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Top 10 Healthy Indian Food You Should Eat Now

Healthy Indian food consists of spicy, juicy, and creamy dishes of various types and specific nutrition.

Once the term Indian Food pops up in mind while missing and residing in another country such as the USA, UK, or Canada, the tongue feels the taste and the mouth craves it.

That is full of healthy natural ingredients that you can prepare at home and outside—the house at places like restaurants and beach parties.

Healthy Indian Food
Healthy Indian Food

This short description may already force you to bring water into your mouth. And the taste of some of the best food of Healthy Indian dishes.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the top ten deliciously good recipes.

That will make your special occasions more wonderful. You can have these dishes at your table to fill your stomach too full.

  1. Paneer Butter Masala

This healthy dish is made with onion, tomatoes, cashews, cream, and butter.

It tastes wonderful well and pairs well with garlic naan or jeera rice. It is also known as Paneer Makhani.

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We can make this dish by boiling onion, and tomatoes and then mixing them with cream to make a sauce.

After dealing with the plate, you might add ingredients. Your dish is ready now, and you can serve it on the table.

  1. Dal Makhani

If you want to have a salty and crispy dish, then Dal Makhani is the best option. This popular dish in North India has been a mouth-watering dish for years.

Dal Makhani Recipe Homemade
Dal Makhani Recipe for Homemade

It consists of Red Kidney Beans, red chopped onion, butter, ginger paste, and garam masala powder.

And if you want to have a more indigenous taste, then use ghee instead of kerosene oil.

The taste of this healthy Indian Food will surprise you and your folks more than your expectations.

  1. Rajma Chawal

People of all age groups love this tasty dish. Because this is a perfect dish for friends or families to get together, it is pretty yummy, and you always eat it more than your requirement due to its delicious taste.

It is cooked by using ingredients like rajma, rice, and onions.

Go and try this dish to relish your loved ones.

It is very effortless for you to cook this dish at home. You can easily make it at home because all constituents are readily available at home.

This dish is also a trademark of healthy North Indian food.

  1. Sarson Saag plus Makki Roti

This dish belongs to Punjab, and Indians living in the USA enjoy it. The Indian dish is simple, and savory, and creates an everlasting impact on the tongue of the natives of the USA.

Sarson Saag plus Makki Roti
Sarson Saag plus Makki Roti

It gives a whole new experience to those who try it, even for the very first time.

Can be cooked this healthy dish at home. Further, it demands a bit of effort, but the result is always worth watching. In short, this recipe gets loved by one and all.

  1. Kadhi Pakoda

People in the USA enjoy this Punjabi dish at the core of their hearts.

You can cook this dish at your home with the help of common ingredients such as yogurt, onion, chili pepper, gram flour, salt, and chili powder.

It usually gets served with rice to make a combo of a lifetime.

This dish will melt inside your mouth and make you fall in love with it. Enjoy this recipe once, and you will be bound to eat healthy Indian food for the rest of your life.

  1. Kootu Indian Healthy Food

If you have been looking forward to tasting a fast recipe at home, Kootu is one of the best choices ever because of its ingredients.

Kootu and Egg Roast
Kootu and Egg Roast

There are many variations in this dish that makes it more interesting.

You need to make daal, and peanuts, mix vegetables, water, and salt, then let them boil from the very beginning.

After that, take some cumin, coriander, red chilies, and chana dal and let them roast. Then, grind this mixture and put it in the mix of vegetables.

After 5 to 6 minutes, your fast recipe will be in front of you. Once you try this dish, you come to know the adversity in the culture and taste of India.

  1. Sandal (salad dish)

It is also a South Indian dish used as salad, and it consists of roasting grams of black chickpeas. It gets served with finely chopped green chilies and grated coconut.

That adds spiciness to the food. It also served as a sacred offering in temples.

  1. Puran Poli

It is a famous Maharashtrian food made on the occasion of Diwali or any other festivity.

Indians in the USA make it regularly and on some special events as well.

Puran Poli
Puran Poli

This natural recipe is made with the help of kneaded flour in oil. Later on, from this flour, dough balls are made of the same size and shape. Rolling out the Puran in the ghee will help you make it easier.

  1. Ragda and Pattice

It is a combo of two dishes, ragda, and pattice, usually made in Mumbai. It is cooked by crushing ragda with the patties with chopped onion. Later on, mix them up with sauce and chutney.

It is effortless to prepare, and you become its fan once you eat it, and it is readily available in local bazaars, making it even more special.

  1. Rasam

Rasam is another South Indian among the list of healthy Indian food usually used to prevent constipation and keep people hydrated.

You don’t need to worry about cooking it at home because ingredients are available at standard stores.


1. How can I eat Indian Healthy food?

Indian Healthy Best food is easily available in every state of the United States of America.

You can taste it in the states of America. Otherwise, you can make various Indian dishes in any part of the world just by knowing the recipe and having all ingredients.

You can taste it in the states of America. Otherwise, you can make various Indian dishes in any part of the world just by knowing the recipe and having all ingredients." } } ] }

2. How many calories are in Indian Healthy food?

Indian food usually does not contain many calories.

Instead, it is made up of natural stuff that helps in regulating body systems well.

Instead, it is made up of natural stuff that helps in regulating body systems well." } } ] }

3. Why is Indian food good for you?

Indian food is good for its consumers as it mainly consists of natural ingredients that work well for the stomach and keep body fluids in balance.

4. What is the most unhealthy Indian food?

Indian food cooked in oil is unhealthy as it contains more fans than usual Indian food that is primarily full of healthy constituents.

5. Which takeaway is the healthiest?

Indian street foods are the healthiest as they are well made, and their contents are often related to fields of vegetables that are grown naturally.

6. Is baingan bharta fattening?

This dish is not fattening in its nature as it is counted in vegetables.

But cooking can make it so if you cook it in ghee instead of kerosene oil.

But cooking can make it so if you cook it in ghee instead of kerosene oil." } } ] }

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