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Best Indian Food Austin | Restaurants and Places

Most Indian Food Austin restaurants serve up traditional and inventive Indian fresh food. Traditionally Indian food is spicy.

 Many Indian Food restaurants in Austin have the choice for you to adjust the spice level according to your taste.

The first Indian restaurant in the United States became prominent in 1920. So officially, 100 years of Indian cuisine in America are over.

Indian Food Austin | Restaurant and Dishes
Indian Food Austin | Restaurant and Dishes

 Because of this long history of Indian American restaurants, Indian spices cinnamon, cloves, ginger, mustard seeds, and black pepper entered the American spice store.

Many aromatic spices, balanced with a rich coconut milk sauce, pasta, or cream, are the base of Good Indian cuisine. 

The number of South Asian restaurants and food spots is continuing to grow in the City. All these eating spots are offering Curries, Dosas, Curries, Fried Pakoras, And Sweets. Indian tacos are still famous among Austin residents.

If you’re looking for the Best Indian Food in Austin, these 14 outstanding restaurants are sure to satisfy you.

Top 6 Indian Food South Austin Restaurants

A large number of Indians living in South Austin seek out authentic Indian restaurants.

Indian cuisine is renowned around the world, including among Indians living in the United States.

So here we put some of the best South Austin Indian Food restaurants that can touch your heart for their excellent cuisine.

1. Bombay Express

Bombay Express offers traditional Indian food with excellent taste, and all dishes are similar to homemade food.

This restaurant is a fantastic place for vegetarians. It provides all North and South Indian cuisine with excellent taste as you can’t get it anywhere, even all over America.

It is a great Indian cafe that offers food at reasonable prices to lovers of Indian cuisine. The Chole Samosa, Masala Chai, Thaali, Veg and Paneer Sandwich, Paneer Rolls, and Dosa Idli Vada are excellent flavors and tastes.

2. Biryani & Co

Biryani and Co, this strip mall restaurant, specially offers Hyderabadi food dishes. This restaurant provides a great menu with a lot of items.

Biryani & Co
Biryani & Co

This eating point in Austin provides delicious and flavorful food in a friendly and attractive atmosphere.

Chicken biryani, tikka masala, garlic naan, and chicken korma are famous and delicious foods. Each dish is delicious and matches the price they offer – this is one of the best Indian food Austin restaurants.

3. Swad Indian Restaurant

Swad Indian Restaurant offers sophisticated flavors at an affordable price.

This South Indian eatery is famous for its delicious and authentic Indian cuisine.

Fast service, food taste, and excellent packaging make this restaurant unique for Indian food lovers.

Veg Thali, Dosas, Palak paneer, Sambar, Pakoras Spinach, and other Indian dishes are well worth the price. One of the number one restaurants in Austin, Texas, offers many options and delicious vegetarian dishes.

4. Clay Pit Contemporary Indian Cuisine

Clay Pit is a contemporary restaurant serving Indian cuisine in the historic Bertram Building in downtown Austin. It offers delicious homemade food in the brick seating area. You can find more than 100 wine selections here in a unique setting.

Clay Pit is the best Indian restaurant you can find in Austin. It is tolerably expensive. But the taste, flavors, and quality of food ingredients are worth it.

The appetizer menu here is one of the great options recommended by everyone. The Chicken Tikka Masala, Veggie Samosas, Lamb Roganjosh, Tandoori Kabobs, Curried Mussels with Garlic and Red Wine Sauce, and Nan are the top choices to try here.

5. Nasha

Nasha Indian Food Austin Restaurant differs in taste and serves traditional dishes such as curries, taco fusion, and curry margaritas.

Nasha Indian Food Austin Restaurant
Nasha Indian Food Austin Restaurant

The restaurant has a small place, but they can have a big party here because the food is tasty and fresh, so feel free to enjoy the party here.

Veggie samosa, paneer tacos, and curry are delicious and flavorful. They offer a good collection of non-alcoholic drinks, fresh food, and a pleasant environment that we are sure you will enjoy.

6. Bombay Dhaba

Bombay Dhaba is an excellent place for Indians living in Austin in a small area. The food is fantastic in this restaurant, unlike other Indian restaurants.

It offers many popular Indian dishes. Many of the unique lunches and desserts here are great to try.

You will have many alternatives to pick your preferred item.

 This restaurant consistently serves delicious dishes like chicken tikka masala; it is very creamy with spices. You get most of the food at an affordable price.

Vegan biryani and paneer Makhani are also the most satisfying dishes with great flavors and tastes to try here.

Top 6 Indian Food North Austin Restaurants

1. Tropical Curry and Grill

Tropical Curry and Grill is one of the most incredible and best Indian food Austin restaurants. Let’s say you want to enjoy authentic Indian food in Austin at a bargain price.

Then this is a restaurant that offers rich and authentic Indian food dishes at reasonable charges.

Tropical Curry and Grill Restaurant
Tropical Curry and Grill Restaurant

These restaurants offer a varied menu of healthy and nutritious dishes for lovers of Indian cuisine.

The chicken pieces are very tender to eat. Biryani and other types of rice are delicious and flavorful, making this service a great food place in Austin.

Every dish in this restaurant is made using fresh ingredients and also prepared well. 

Must try this place that you will love again.

2. Jaipur palace

Jaipur Palace offers a variety of Indian specialties in Austin. It was founded by a Jaipur native, Kumar, who started the food industry in the US in 2005.

He brought Jaipur Food to the rest of the US and also to Austin. The restaurant offers a large number, of great tastes at a fairly reasonable price.

It offers an extensive menu list from which you can order anything without thinking about taste and quality, which is very delightful.

You will taste the best quality Indian flavors in every item like Butter Chicken, Nan Chili, Samosa, Salted Lassi, Indian Summer Drink, Vodka, Coffee Liqueur, And Pineapple.

3. Saffron

Shaffron, Austin is a casual restaurant serving Indian cuisine with a fusion menu of curries, paneers, chow mein, and fusion dishes. It offers all the superb services and delicious cuisine of this restaurant.

This restaurant is a fine dining restaurant.

Saffron Indian Restaurant In Austin
Saffron Indian Restaurant In Austin

The food at Shaffron provides authentic Indian flavors and tastes. Its Goat Curry, Chicken Masala, Dates, and Tandoori Chicken are all spicy and flavorful.

Mango yogurt is very creamy and tastes like homemade yogurt that anyone living outside of India would want to get.

4. Asiana Indian Cuisine

Asiana Indian Restaurant offers lunch buffets, breakfast buffets, desserts, and many other dinner dishes.

This restaurant is the best Indian restaurant in Austin, where you can enjoy the best service with a good taste of food.

You get everything at an affordable price. The desserts here are delicious to try. Kabab, Mughalai dinner menu, Curry, and Nan are all original in taste like Indian cuisine.

5. Bombay Bistro

This Indian Food Austin restaurant offers traditional tandoori dishes and curries in a higher working-class setting. It provides good taste and quality of food.

Coconut Curry Vegetables, Aloo Gobhi, Chicken Korma, All Kinds of Nan, and Tandoori Chicken are cooked perfectly.

It provides many menu options for vegetarians and especially lamb dishes. You will love the food in this place because the price, quality, taste, and atmosphere are all perfect for you to enjoy.

6. New Sitara Indian Cuisine

The new Sitara Indian Restaurant offers all North and South Indian dishes. As food is an essential part of Indian culture, they considerably importance various food, spices, and other cooking methods.

They offer a great atmosphere with traditional and spicy dishes and excellent customer service. All spices are used in perfect amounts, enriching the taste of food.

That’s why the food is always delicious. Paneer, Chicken, Special Boneless Chicken Biryani, and Masala Dosa are the perfect dishes to order.


1. What Spice Makes Indian Food Hot?

Spices are the central ingredients used in Indian Cuisine for taste and flavor. If you want to make your dish hotter, add chili powder, red pepper flakes, and especially Cayenne. Cyanne is used to make hot food and is also used to get good color and taste.

2. What Is the Healthiest Indian Dish?

Food has great importance in Indian society. Indian Cuisine is also famous cuisine all over the world. Dishes from Indian Cuisine are naturally gluten-free, making them healthier. However, some foods can contain gluten after cooking, which makes them unhealthy. Some of the more nutritious dishes to try and order are; shrimp, Vegetable Based Dishes, Plain Rice, Chapati, Tandoori Cooked Meat, Jalfrezi, Madras with Chicken, and Dosas.

3. Which Is the National Food of India?

Indian Cuisine differs from one area to another area. Consequently, it isn’t easy to specify which dish should be India’s national dish. Indeed, the Indian government meant to designate Khichdi as a national dish because it was considered a healthier dish, but they did not.

4. How Many Indian Restaurants Are There in The United States?

Indian cuisine is rapidly becoming popular all around the world and also in the United States. But only 5000 Indian restaurants are there in the US. Indian Cuisine is finding its way to the United States. But Chinese Cuisine is much more popular than Indian Cuisine in the US, as there are about 40,000 Chinese Food Restaurants in the US.

5. Is Indian Food Available in Canada?

Today, Indian cuisine has grown to one of the numerous extensive worldwide Cuisines in Canada. So, many Indian restaurants have been established in Canada. Toronto and Vancouver have a significant Indian population, so you will get that these cities have many Indian Cuisine Restaurants.

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