Indian Food

Indian Food Menu

Indian food Menu has the temperament and enthusiasm of making people fond of desi, traditional, and street Indian food.

The best Indian foods are being eaten and liked all over the universe with the strong magnitude and potential of effectiveness and greatness.

The natural ingredients and the quality of Indian food make every Homo sapien fall in love with it and eat with the full craze.

Indian Food Menu
Indian Delicious Food Menu

Here we have compiled a menu of Indian Food that can enrich your wit and enchant your soul. Let us discuss the


We would start with appetizers that can increase your love and hunger for Indian food. Vada Pav, Samosa, Chann Chat, and Chicken Tikka are considered the best options as appetizers in Indian food.

  • Chicken Tikka

One of the best appetizers on the list of menu Indian food is chicken tikka. For the best taste and deliciousness, you might have this recipe and food that will surely spice your love for food. You might have experienced this dish in the Indian wedding food menu and for a further twist, you have the option to cook this food at home having chicken, butter, chili pepper, tomato, onion, garlic, cumin, chili powder, and coriander.


Meals are also considerable and have the tendency to attract people. In the menu, you might find the following recipes.

  • Vindaloo

If you have been thinking of making your dinner very special, vindaloo would add value to it.

This traditional and historical dish has some emotional touches and people love to try this at parties.

Furthermore, foodies can find vindaloo in the indian party food menu. In its ingredients, you can choose onions, curry paste, vinegar, coconut milk, ginger, jalapeno, garlic, chilies, chickpeas, and lentils.

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  • Biryani

Indian street food menu contains Biryani as the best recipe. The enthusiastic foodies love this food at every type of event.

  • Korma

Korma is also considered the major component of the Indian food catering menu, Indian wedding food menu, and north Indian food menu.

The white Korma has a yogurt, ginger, and garlic combination that gives it a complete uniqueness and sweetness.


We do not include meals and appetizers in the best menu of Indian food but also famous drinks in it. Without drinks, any specific menu is incomplete.

  • Lassi


Lassi is a traditional drink and people love to have it. Lassi lovers can take lassi at home with the help of yogurt/milk, sugar, and water.

Some people make it with some fruit for multiple flavors.

  • Chai

Chai is well-known for bringing hotness and activeness to your body.

In the Indian street food menu, you can find it easily. Some chai shops are available in the USA and you might visit them for good taste.

  • Juice


The juice is well-known for its taste. The juice contains unique flavors and you might make any flavor according to your desires.


Desserts also carry their space in the menu of Indian food because people demand desserts at the end of the meal.

Further, they also look for sweetness and delicious desserts. Keeping in mind this need, we enlist three desserts here.

  • Halwa

Indina Food Menu Halwa Recipe

The Indian food north menu contains halwa in it that is specially made with butter, milk, carrots, and specific flour. You might have this dessert on every Indian Food menu.

For illustrations, Gajar Halwa, Besan Halwa, and Mung Halwa are three types that are very popular.

  • Barfi

Barfi is also a dessert and you can purchase it from any Indian restaurant whether in India or in the USA.

  • Ghulab Jamun

Ghulab Jamun
Ghulab Jamun

On special events, Ghulab Jamun is wonderfully eaten and made as dessert. You can simply call it the ruler of sweets.

Other foods

Other foods in the Indian food list menu can increase your hunger for a longer period of time and can make you habitant of it.

You might find other foods such as:

  • Dhokla
  • Pani Puri
  • Appam
  • Kofte
  • Rogan Josh
  • Khakhra
  • Paturi
  • Falooda
  • Litti Chokha
  • Pulao
  • Sondesh
  • Pachadi

Frequently asked Questions

What is a typical Indian Food In meal?

The typical Indian food is chapatti, rice, salad, yogurt, and pickle. You find this Indian meal at very common rates.

What are the best names of Indian food menus?

The best name of the Indian food is given below and you might think about some of them based on your perceptions.

  • Indian wedding food menu
  • Indian street food menu
  • Indian party food menu
  • Indian food catering menu
  • Indian fusion food menu
  • Indian Northfood menu

What Indian food should I order?

It totally depends upon you what type of Indian food you buy or carry with you. You can choose from any one of the delicious menus of Indian food.

What is the best Indian food?

The best Indian food is chicken makhani that is specially cooked with the help of chicken and butter on special events.

What kinds of food do you like to eat?

Honestly speaking, I personally like Biryani, Korma, and Chicken Tikka. These dishes have strong attraction and whenever I go to a particular event, I take them happily.

What are your favorite fruits on the Indian menu?

In the Indian Food Menu, I personally like bananas, apples, peaches, litchi, and strawberries because these fruits are juicy and sweet.

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