10 Best Indian Street Food and Recipes Must Try Now

Indian Street Food Dishes and Recipes Must Try Now

Indian Street Food does not stay back but contributes effectively to the availability of food.

Food has its own role and importance in the survival of human beings. This factor helps people taste the blessings.

That nature has been bestowed on human beings since the inception of Homo sapiens. Indians in the USA love this food and visit Indian food streets in the United States of America for eating and tasting it.

Indian Street Food Dishes and Recipes Must Try Now
Indian Street Dishes, Food, and Recipes Must Try Now

Here we have a wonderful collection for those souls who are looking forward to tasting spicy and delicious food.

Let us dive in!

  1. Dahi Puri

This Indian street food makes you very crazy. Because it contains tangy chutney, yogurt, spice, and vegetables in crispy balls that look all in one scene.

As far as the historical context of this Indian food is concerned, it came into existence during the epoch of Magadha (ancient India).

This is deep-fried and if you can have the temperament to take this spicy Dahi puri, enjoy it and complete the whole palate.

  1. Vada Pav

Vada Pav Recipe
Vada Pav Recipe

In other words, you can call it an Indian street burger. Because there is a bun that takes potatoes, butter, lime, tamarind paste, and flour in it. Chutney plays a very crucial role in bringing real taste.

If you have been looking forward to trying this Indian food, you must try all 5 types of Vada Pav for multiple tastes. It will give you a new kind of experience even in the food streets of the USA.

  1. Pani Puri

If you allow us to tell you about the most well-known street food in India, it is pani puri. You find crispy balls and material inside them for the sake of spicy taste.

After that, these balls are filled with the imli water for more spiciness and taste. All in all, it will have a good taste that will make your nerves very excited.

  1. Mutton Roll (A Token of Love)

Mutton Roll Recipe Indian Food
Mutton Roll Recipe Indian Food

In the list of top 10 Indian Dishes and Street Food, we have a mutton roll with full spice. The mutton roll contains juicy meat and wrapped egg. Chilies, lemon juice, cumin, garlic, and chat masala, and these all factors make it really spicy.

To entertain your mutton roll more you need to have it with ketchup or with mayonnaise.

You might easily get this delicious food from Neehee’s Indian vegetarian Street Food which is situated in the USA.

  1. Chicken lollipop (A Joyful Taste)

This is made of chicken and looks like tandoori chicken. Because the cooking method is different but the results are the same.

The cooking procedure is very easy because you just need to dip chicken in red curry.

After that, let it fry, and later on, you might taste it.

To taste this street food, you might visit Devon street Indian food or Bansuri Indian Street Food while residing in Brighton Ln, Stafford, and Texas.

  1. Bombay duck

Bombay Duck Best Street Food
Bombay Duck Best Street Food

This is a spicy dish that is made of fish (yes, you heard rightly). Small pieces of fish are thrown into the oil having red curry on them.

Then, they take minimum time to have redness and after some time, Bombay duck would be waiting for you to taste it.

  1. Lassi (a traditional drink)

One of the most favorite Indian food street dishes is lassi because every 3 people from 5 drink lassi. This is a traditional drink that is taken from the blender of yogurt and milk.

This healthy drink is suitable for people who want to have calcium and vitamin drinks. If you want to taste this traditional Indian street drink, you need to visit the Indian Street Desi Galli Food.

  1. Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji
Pav Bhaji

This spicy food holds a very remarkable place in the list of top 10 Indian traditional street foods.

Pav Bhaji has thick, spicy, and buttery potato-and-tomato-based mixed vegetable curry for more fun and taste. You can try it at home and even with friends while visiting Food Street.

  1. Poha Jalebi

This is a sweet traditional dessert and Indians love to eat it on special occasions. You get two dishes in one.

Because Poha has a different taste and Jalebi is different also. When two mix up, you enjoy it from the core of your heart. In poha, you will have peanuts, tomato, and pomegranate with a fully edible taste.

  1. Momos

Momos don’t need any introduction. Because not only Indians know but people around the world put it as their favorite dish.

These momos look very pretty and you can have them with red sauce or chutney for a better experience. You might find it easily by searching Indian street food in the USA near me.


1. What are the popular Indian street foods?

We have enlisted the most popular street foods above and described them clearly. To clarify, we mention them again.       Dahi puri       Vada Pav       Pani puri       Mutton roll       Chicken lollipop       Bombay duck       Lassi       Pav Bhaji       Poah Jalebi       Momos

2. What is the street food of India?

Indian street tasty and mouth-watering food is popular and people enjoy it at restaurants in the USA. To locate food points, you can consider these streets:       Devon street Indian food       Indian Bansuri Street Food       Indian Recipes Street Food       Indian Desi Galli Street Food       Neehee’s Indian vegetarian Street Food       Indian Plano Street Food

3. What is the main food of Mumbai?

The main food of Mumbai is Akuri on toast. This is a very delicious dish and most people love to eat it. Try it once and you will forget other foods.

4. What is the most popular street food in India?

The most popular street food in India is Pani Puri. You have complete details of Pani Puri in the upper section of Indian Street food.

5. Which city has the best street food in India?

Mumbai has the best street food in India because we see multiple streets in this region. Even Delhi Puri is the invention of this street. Multiple streets and foods in this city are the sources of popularity for it in the market.

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