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The 10 Best Indian Vegetarian Restaurants in the U.S

When peeking for delicious Indian Vegetarian restaurants, you will find numerous spots to check out.

There is the famous Punjabi Rasoi in New York City, which has been featured on Anthony Bourdain’s show No Reservations.

Best Indian Vegetarian Restaurants
Best Indian Vegetarian Restaurants

The restaurants also have an incredible variety of vegetarian dishes that will satisfy your hunger and thirst!

You oughtn’t be a vegan or vegetarian to relish the tastes of India.

With these 10 Indian restaurants, you’ll find something for every palate, from traditional curry dishes to more regional fare.

This blog post will list 10 of the best Indian Restaurant Vegetarians that you can find throughout America!

1. Bombay House

Bombay House is known for its modern and trendy atmosphere, making it an excellent choice for a date!

This restaurant has several locations throughout the country, including California, Georgia, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

You can try some of their most popular dishes: Eggplant Masala, Saag Paneer, Lentil Dumplings (Makai Kachori), Sweet Potato Naan with Date Chutney

2. Malgudi Garden

Malgudi is one of the best Indian vegetarian restaurants, Plano, a world-famous vegan, and offers vegetarian options throughout the day, including afternoon tea.

Malgudi Garden
Malgudi Garden

Their differences begin with the kitchen, where they carefully choose the ingredients for the preparation. Nothing is wasted as they prepare the food with great care.

They use low-fat oils and quality ingredients that are sure to make your body happy and satisfy your appetite.

We suggest trying some of their most famous dishes: Paneer, veg stew, Samosa chaat, Dal, Sambhar, Veg Biryani Vada.

3. Shandals Vegetarian Cafe

Shandals Vegetarian Cafe is the perfect place for anyone looking to enjoy a gluten-free meal.

The restaurant has been around since 1990 and still manages to maintain its position as one of Canada’s best vegetarian cafes today!

In addition, Shandals Vegetarian Cafe has been featured on several popular TV shows and publications such as The Oprah Show, Today Canada, and National Geographic.

Their menu features all sorts of Indian dishes, including vegan options! They have a lovely outdoor seating space that is excellent for enjoying the summer climate.

We recommend trying some of their most popular dishes: Paneer Masala, Kofta Curry

4. Roti Grill

Roti Grill is one of the best Indian vegetarian restaurants, Dallas. It is a cozy Indian restaurant on McKinney Ave.

Roti Grill Restaurants
Roti Grill Restaurants

Offers classic Indian fare with vegetarian options, lunch specials, Texas-sized portions, and more. The Roti Grill is a unique style compared to traditional Indian restaurants.

Seating is more formal than pre-booking. For reasonably priced Indian cuisine served in a modern, tasty environment, you can’t beat it.

You can try some of their most popular dishes: Samosas, Wrap, Chickpeas curry, Paneer, Naan, Thali, Biriyani, Lamb masala.

5. Ve Green Vegetarian Fusion Restaurant

Come to Ve Green for a taste of paradise. Forget the Beach; we’re going straight up into the trees!

This vegetarian fusion restaurant specializes in international cuisine and is perfect if you want something different from your usual Chinese or Thai food options.

Try their ever-so tasty Specialties like Keralite Coconut Shrimp Curry (Kerala style coconut curry with garlic) served over steamed rice.

6. Tarka Indian Kitchen

This Indian vegetarian restaurant Houston is a local servo chain that produces Indian curries, kebabs, and more in a modern setting.

Tarka Indian Kitchen
Tarka Indian Kitchen

It’s a fantastic location to eat in and take out. The food is always fresh, of the best quality, and delicious. Their dishes are tasty; the chicken kebabs are tender, juicy, and perfectly cooked.

The Pita is soft in the centre and crispy on the outside. In some ways, every bite of food tastes more flavorful itself, which is impressive and well worth it.

You can try some of their most popular dishes: Korma Curry, Dal, Biriyani, Samosa Chaat, Chicken kebab, Goat tikka masala

7. Shreeji Indian Vegetarian Food

Shreeji Indian vegetarian food is a distinctive spot for dining.

It features handmade naan, curry dishes, and many more traditional favourites that will make your mouth water with anticipation of what’s coming next.

If you are a vegetarian, this location is worth visiting. The restaurant also accepts credit cards, so take note of that as well!

8. Ambo

Ambo is an Indian vegetarian restaurant that features vegan and gluten-free items. Ambo is a restaurant that’s all-natural and sustainable.


It’s a great place to eat healthy Indian food in a bowl style. The menu has something for everyone: traditional Indian cuisine and vegan-friendly options!

They have a fantastic concept of an Indian version of Chipotle, great value for money, tasty food, and friendly staff.

We recommend trying some of these most popular dishes: Mango lassi, Hot Chai, Hibiscus ginger lemonade, Chicken Kale Salad Bowl, Detox Bowl

9. Sai Ram Indian Cuisine

Best Indian Vegetarian restaurant to go for Indian food in the U.S with buffet lunch, craft beers by the glass, and wines.

Vegan offerings are also a good option. The place is lovingly decorated, and the food is excellent, with authentic Indian cuisine served.

If you want your food to be as hot as what you can find in India, ask – they don’t end there.

A little expensive, but the delicious food was worth it.

We recommend trying some of these most popular dishes: Chicken masala, Chili Gobi, Chicken makhani, Ginger Naan, Sweet pickle mango

10. Haveli Indian Restaurant

This spot is a casual dining room serving traditional Indian dishes, including curries, bread, vegetarian options, and seafood.

The Vegan dishes are also itemized on the menu and the lunch buffet. Food condiments are used in recipes according to the customer’s demand.

The food options (and, more recently, take-out) are excellent.

Especially if you look at Indian food, they have many opportunities to try.

We recommend trying some of these most popular dishes: Lamb Samosa, Lamb Saag, Chicken Tikka with masala sauce, Mango lassi.

The 10 Best Indian Vegetarian Restaurants in the U.S. have been listed and reviewed, so check them out if you’re looking for a new place to try!


1. What Do Vegetarians Order at Indian Restaurants?

Vegetarians usually order the following dishes in Indian Restaurants:

  1. Eggplant Masala
  2. Saag Paneer
  3. Lentil Dumplings (Makai Kachori)
  4. Sweet Potato Naan with Date Chutney
  5. Pani Puri
  6. Vegetable Cutlets (Bund Gobhi Tikki)
  7. Dal Palak
  8. Rava Masala Dosa
  9. Mysore Pak

2. What Indian Dishes Are Vegetarian?

Some of the Indian Vegetarian Dishes are:

  1. Chana Masala
  2. Daal Chawal
  3. Dal Makhani
  4. Kashmiri Dum Aloo
  5. Masala Dosa
  6. Saag Paneer
  7. Kofta Curry

3. Is Vegetarian Indian Food Vegan?

Yes, lots of Indian Food dishes are vegan friendly. The combination of spices and cooking techniques turns ordinary vegetables into a delicious dish.

4. What Is the Healthiest Indian Dish?

The healthiest Indian dishes include Roti, Chana Masala, Saag Paneer, Dal, Rajma, Hara Bhara Kabab, Sol kadhi, Jalfrezi, Idli etc.

5. What Restaurants Have a Vegan Menu?

Bombay House

  1. Woodlands Indian Vegetarian Cafe & Restaurant
  2. Woodlands South Indian Restaurant and Bar
  3. Shandals Vegetarian Café Indian Restaurant
  4. Ve Green Vegetarian Fusion Restaurant
  5. Shreeji Indian vegetarian street food
  6. Vatan Indian Vegetarian
  7. Ambo
  8. Sai Ram Indian Cuisine
  9. Haveli Indian Restaurant

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