Lucky Chinese Food & Cuisine – Best Dishes and Spots

Lucky Chinese Recipes & Food

Lucky Chinese Food is served and eaten within sixteen days of the holiday, especially on New Year’s Eve.

There are some particular Chinese vegetable dishes for wishing a happy new year.

It is a concept that these foods bring good luck for the forthcoming year. Many Chinese restaurants have opened branches in China and the United States based on this religious concept.

A Chinese Restaurant is a cafe that serves Chinese food. Due to Chinese history and based on local taste preferences, many are Cantonese varieties, such as Chinese American food and Chinese Canadian food.

Lucky Chinese Recipes & Food
Lucky Chinese Recipes & Food

Here is a list of the five best Lucky Chinese Food dishes and restaurants; let’s find out more about them.

05 Best Lucky Chinese Dishes

The top 5 best Chinese dishes which are considered to be lucky are here:

  1. Chinese Dumplings 

Throughout its 1800-year history, dumplings are a delicious Chinese food that the Chinese eat on new year’s eve, popular in China, especially in North China.

Chinese do not eat sauerkraut dumplings during the Chinese spring festival because it means a poor and challenging future.

There is a tradition of eating dumplings with cabbage and carrots in the New Year, which indicates that your skin will be better and your condition will be softer.

  1. Chinese Spring Rolls

Chinese Spring Rolls
Chinese Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls are traditionally feasted during the Spring Festival in China, so they get the same name. It is a popular Chinese dish specifically eaten in east China. Spring roll is a rare Cantonese dish with a cylindrical roll filled with vegetables, meat, etc.

The filling is dipped into a small amount of essential flour and boiled, while the water comes out yellow. The happy word for eating Spring Rolls is “a ton of gold” – wishing prosperity.

  1. Sweet Rice Balls

Sweet rice balls are a staple of the Chinese Lantern Festival, but people eat them during the Spring Festival in southern China.

It is also considered the lucky Chinese Food to eat at the beginning of a new year’s beginning.

Tangyuan’s pronunciation and round shape are associated with reunion and gathering. That is why the Chinese honor them during New Year celebrations.

  1. Yi Mein-Long Life Noodles

Yi Mein-Long Life Noodles
Yi Mein-Long Life Noodles

Yi Mein or Long-life noodles are considered a sign of longevity. Its longevity and continuous cooking are also a sign of life for eaters.

It is a Chinese New Year food in North China. These are longer than regular noodles, fried and served on a plate or cooked.

  1. Good Fortune Fruit 

Some fruits are eaten during the Chinese New Year, such as tangerines, oranges, and pomelo.

They are selected because they are usually round and “golden” in color, representing perfection and wealth.

It is believed that eating and displaying tangerines and oranges bring good luck thanks to speaking and writing. It is thought that eating pomelos/shaddocks will lead to further development.

According to them, the more you dine, the more wealth you will yield.

05 Lucky Chinese Food Restaurants in the US

The five best Chinese restaurants in the US offering delicious food are:

Lucky Dragon Chinese Food Cafe 

Armour Rd, North Kansas City, MO Restaurant

Lucky Dragon Chinese cafe in North Kansas City gives superb Chinese grub!

This cafeteria offers delightful dishes from all over China, highlighting shrimp and noodles. They have many options like appetizers, soups, snacks, and more.

Their meals contain orange Chicken, Kung Pao Triple Delight, and sesame chicken! Must try out their Egg Foo Young. This restaurant is located on Armor Road between Missouri and I-29.

Lucky Garden Chinese Food Spot

W Main St, Omro, WI

Lucky Garden Chinese Restaurant
Lucky Garden Chinese Restaurant

It is a family-running restaurant that offers fare and beverages. The eating experience is also comparable to that of any traditional Chinese spot. This spot is an excellent place if you need a quick dinner or want other Chinese food.

They also assemble the most delightful hot and sour soup. The food is always fresh and fantastic in this eatery. Be sure to try their sweet & sour chicken and doughnuts.

This restaurant is the best option to eat food in any other restaurant in Oshkosh.

Chinese Food Santee Restaurant

9740 Mission Gorge Rd, Santee, CA 92071

The restaurant offers standard dishes and delicious food with a great atmosphere. Fortunately, the Lucky Chinese restaurant has a portion of delicious food and courteous service.

This restaurant is an excellent spot to enjoy Chinese cuisine because they prepare delicious food. They are indeed fast to deliver and serve food unless there are many people. To be sure, there are noodles, egg drop soup, orange chicken, and General Tso chicken.

Lucky Star Chinese Food Spot

Hobson Rd, Woodridge, IL

You likely won’t discover a more suitable location to dine in or deliver your food in this zone.

The price is not good, but the quality is reasonable. Chow Man, Egg Fu Ying, and other famous Chinese vegetables are collected in one unassuming place.

This establishment is one of the most suitable Chinese restaurants and the best Chinese takeout spot in Chicagoland.

The special lunch and dinner combo are great. Be sure to try their pepper steaks, shrimp dumplings, and fried rice.

Lucky Chinese Food Restaurant

5807 4th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108

Lucky Restaurant Chinese Food
Lucky Restaurant Chinese Food

This family-run restaurant offers a standard selection of Chinese dishes at austere digs. The externals of the building are just average, but the inside of the restaurant is charming.

The food is also exceptional, and they offer complimentary hot tea and soup.

If you like discovering exotic Chinese fried rice, you will have no qualms about opting for the hidden jams of this restaurant.

The wok Hei from high heat produces a rich, complex flavor from many starchy and spicy Chinese vegetables.

Try out lucky Chinese food menu items like Kung Pao Chicken, Lucky Fried Rice, and House Chow.


1. What Are Some Fast Food Chinese Places?

5 Best Chinese Fast Food restaurants are:

  1. Lucky Dragon Chinese Food Restaurant, Kansas City, MO
  2. Lucky Garden Chinese Restaurant, Omro, WI
  3. Lucky Chinese Dishes, Mission Gorge Rd, Santee, CA
  4. Lucky Star Chinese Food Spot, Hobson Rd, Woodridge, IL
  5. Lucky Chinese Restaurant, Ave S, Seattle, WA

2. What Should I Order First Chinese Food?

5 Best Chinese Food to order for the first time are:

  1. Dumplings
  2. Ma Po Tofu
  3. Kung Pao Chicken
  4. Chinese Hamburger
  5. Sweet & Sour Pork

3. What's The Distinction Between Mandarin and Szechuan?

The main difference between Mandarin food and Szechuan food is seasoning. Szechuan food is flavourful but spicier than Mandarin-style food.

In Szechuan-style cooking, garlic, peppercorns, and dried and pickled chili peppers create intense spicy flavors.

4. What Are the Chinese Lucky Numbers?

Chinese Lucky numbers are usually 3, 5, and 8.

But the fourth (4) number is considered unlucky because the word “death” sounds more like it, and therefore Chinese buildings often do not have a fourth floor.

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