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Namaste Indian Food represents the culture and aspects of our brand. A platform for taste-oriented people as well as cultural explorers.

People in the states of the USA can enjoy fresh ingredients and traditional meals in which the texture of the food blows the mind with well-cooked meals’ exposure.

Namaste Indian Food
Namaste Indian Food

It has a variety of dishes from appetizers to soups, vegetarian to chicken entrees, tandoori and kebabs, biryanis, Salad, seafood, and lamb entrees. These are from the culture and tradition of Indian foods. So, we are going to have sections and different sorts of specialties.


An appetizer is a start-up for having any kind of meal after it. Then, you have the appetizers like mint and tamarind sauce and the providence of hot sauce at the customer’s request is available.


Vegetable Fritters
Vegetable Fritters

In this section, there are vegetable pakoras, chicken pakoras, paneer pakoras, and potato pakoras.

In these recipes, the ingredients like vegetables, chicken, or potatoes are dipped in chickpea batter and fried.


Samosa is another mouth-watering dish including vegetable samosa and samosa chaat.

These are well-fried crispy pastries, filled with vegetables. And these appetizers are ranging from 5 to 10 dollars only.

Salads and Soups

Salads and Soups
Salads and Soups

Namaste Indian food has fresh garden salad including fresh tomatoes, lettuce, and cucumber as well as a side of ranch. You might have a choice of vegetable soup with herbs and spices.

Side Dishes

Delicious side dishes are also offered to you. It includes Lemon pickles, Mango pickles, Basmati rice & Raita.

They will make your desire delightful.

Chicken Entrees and Vegetables

Chicken Entrees and Vegetable Indian Namaste Food
Chicken Entrees and Vegetable Indian Namaste Food

Here comes the famous and delicious meal from the Indian food of namaste. We have a heap of dishes made of vegetables and chicken.

These are distinct and famous for their textures & tastes all over the world.

Some of the chicken dishes are Spinach Chicken, Chicken Makhni, Chicken Curry, Goa Chicken Curry, Mango Chi as well as Chicken Curry (bone-in).

They must make you more excited to have them recursively. Mouth-watering recipes made with vegetables are here to be munched.

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These charming and tasteful dishes are Daal Makhani, Daal Curry, Matar Paneer, Aloo Matar, Aloo Gobhi, Shahi Paneer, Bhindi Masala, Malai kofta, and Punjabi Curry.

These are fried in multiple other vegetables like ginger, garlic, onions, tomatoes, and many more, which spreads the fragrance of nature.

Tandoori, Kabob, and Lamb Entrees

These all represent the cultural heritage of India. Namaste Indian food menu includes Tandoori, Kabob, and Lamb Entrees. These are furthermore the points of excitement for the tourists & visitors.

Fabulous recipes like Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Tikka, and Lamb boti are also here for being eaten and enjoyed.

Spinach lamb, Lamb Khoorma and Lamb Curry are waiting for you.

Seafood Entrees

Seafood Entree
Seafood Entree

Let’s talk about seafood. The Seafood dishes with basmati rice enhance the pleasure of eating with the combination of different tastes simultaneously.

Just imagine that you have had Mashlee Korma with basmati rice, how tasteful it will be.

In addition to this Fish Masala and Shrimp Saag(shrimp & spinach) involve the customers in streets of taste & glorious cultural textures.

The diverse strategies for cooking the food will let you in and you will have the taste in your mouth for a long time period.

Further, you may observe the quality of the products, and these all are cooked in specific sauces with natural ingredients like tomatoes, garlic, ginger, onion, etc.


An incredible and delightful dish that is made with basmati rice cooked in natural vegetables, sauce -and spices.

Has an awesome taste and fragrance. When it is being presented before you, you can’t control your heart, hands, and mouth to come closer to it.

Chicken Biryani, Lamb Biryani, Shrimp Biryani, and Vegetable Biryani are the major four dishes that Indians in the USA taste and enjoy.

You can also request Raita (a mild spicy Curt) as you need.

Definitely, you have not eaten such a type of Biryani before.

Bread & More

An over-baked bread called “Nan” is encouraged to be represented with a dish like Curry.

The varieties of Naan include Onion Nan, Potato Naan, Garlic Naan & Paneer (cheese) Nan.

Namaste Indian food always does care about the quality of the meal and the requirements of the customers.

The quality of bread is high and you find the element of purity in it.


1. Where is namaste Indian food located?

The main head office of Namaste India Food is in the United States of America. You can access it by searching Namaste Portland Indian food, Namaste Crofton Indian food, Namaste Rockport Indian food, Namaste Madison Indian food, and Namaste fort worth Indian food.

2. How to write namaste in Hindi?

It is very easy and you can write namaste in Hindi as नमस्ते.

3. Is Nepalese food heavy in gluten?

Some of the Nepali foods are gluten-free, but some of the foods are made with wheat flour; so definitely, the person who needs gluten-free products, must avoid these things.

4. What does an authentic Indian restaurant look like?

For authentication of an Indian restaurant, you can easily access it by your eyes, nose, and ears. Indian foods are spicier, they have a different texture as compared to Western restaurants. The restaurant must contain some people from India. The fragrance of Indian foods represents vegetables and rice essence.

5. Why do Indian restaurants close in the middle of the day?

Siesta is the basic concern. It means taking a nap. Indian people take a nap during mid-day. That’s why the Indian restaurants and hotels are closed at this time. It has a time period from 2 to 3 hours a day.

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