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South Indian Breakfast – 10 Delicious Recipes

The South Indian breakfast is a beautiful blend of vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods that will fill you up for hours on end.

If you’re looking for recipes to make some delicious Indian breakfasts at home, then this article is just right for you!

South Indian Breakfast - Best Recipes
South Indian Breakfast – Best Recipes

Indian breakfasts are very different from the typical American breakfast.

The Indian dishes tend to be a lot savorier and much spicier than what you find here in America, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t tasty!

We have compiled a list of recipes for some delicious South Indian breakfast dishes just for you.

So take these recipes home with you today and try them out on your family as an exciting change from waffles or pancakes! You won’t regret it- we promise!

1. Medu Vada

Medu Vada, a traditional south Indian dish, is known as “Lentil donuts” or “Dal Vadas.”

Medu Vadas are usually served with sambar and coconut chutney, but you can also eat them on their own.

Medu vada is made of urad dal (black gram) mixed up in semolina dough that has been shaped into mini round balls then deep-fried until golden brown.

Most people have them for breakfast and coffee or tea; others enjoy them at afternoon snack time!

2. Chana Dal Vada or Split Bengal Gram Fritters

Have you ever tried Chana dal vadas? This recipe is a snappy and healthy south Indian breakfast snack to be prepared in minutes!

Chana Dal Vada
Chana Dal Vada

These are fried deep in oil, so you must have all your garnishes ready before frying them. These are best enjoyed hot with a chutney or ketchup!

3. Uttapam Recipe

Uttapam is a South Indian breakfast recipe in Telugu and all over India that people usually eat as a whole meal on its own.

Uttapam is prepared from dosa batter, slightly thicker than regular dosa batter, and cooked similarly to pancakes.

A variation of the recipe includes chopped vegetables such as onions, carrots, or green chillies mixed into the pancake before it cooks so you have veggies throughout your uttapam instead of just sprinkled on top at the end.

Toppings for this Breakfast in south Indian include yoghurt with some sugar, pickle, and spicy sambar curry.

It’s also often served with masala tea, but try an iced coffee or chilled lemon if looking for something lighter. You could eat this either.

4. Puttu Recipe

Puttu is a popular breakfast dish from Kerala. Puttu, which means ‘a small tower’ in Malayalam, consists of rice flour and grated coconut cooked with water to form a paste-like dough.

Puttu Recipes
Puttu Recipes

This dough is then steam-cooked for about 15 minutes until slightly firm.

It has sweet or savoury fillings such as bananas, jaggery, or shredded coconuts mixed into the Puttu batter just before steaming. It is served hot with a generous coating of ghee.

5. Ven Pongal

Ven Pongal, the Best South Indian dish and breakfast, is made with rice, jaggery, moong dal, and oil/ghee. This dish is served as an assortment of curry or dry stir fry vegetables.

This dish tastes best when hot, but you can have this even at room temperature if needed.

If you are looking for quick recipes, then Ven Pongal will serve the purpose well since it does not require too many ingredients and has no spices.

So anyone who cannot handle spicy food can enjoy this delicacy without worrying about the side effects later on!

You need to take care of the only thing while making this Pongal recipe is using good quality urad dal; otherwise, your Pongal will not taste as good.

6. Masala Dosa Recipe

It is one of the best South Indian breakfast recipes in Tamil, India, and around the globe. Although making masala Dosa is a lengthy procedure, it is worth it.

Masala Dosa Recipes
Masala Dosa Recipes

In this recipe, Dosa is crunchy and served with delicious potato masala. You can only make a common Dosa if you don’t have enough time. And left the potato masala.

7. Rava Dosa Recipe

You can make another popular type of South Indian Dosa for a snappy breakfast. The best thing about making Rava Dosa is that it doesn’t require souring and is very easy to do.

You can easily create and taste Rava dosa by adding minced onions, curry leaves, seasonings, and condiments. Other prevalent types of Dosas are Wheat dosa and Cheese dosa.

8. Rava Kichadi Recipe

More like porridge, this south Indian breakfast food is made from Rava. You can add vegetables to make it nutritionally healthy and consistent.

Rava Kichadi South Indian Breakfast
Rava Kichadi South Indian Breakfast

In this dish, the vegetables you can use are carrots, green peas, french beans, and bell pepper. But you can also omit the vegetables and do without the vegetables.

9. Benne Dosa Recipe

Benne Dosa is a sweet, crispy and healthybreakfast dish that originated in the town of Davangere in central Karnataka.

Davangere dosa has a different and unique texture and taste, not like the typical dosa. They are crunchy but have a soft, light consistency.

Davangere benne dosa is commonly done with a potato mixture filling, called potato Palya and a piquant coconut sauce.

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10. Mangalore Buns Recipe

It is a sweet baked bread made with precious cumin, mashed bananas, flour, sugar, and spices.

Mangalore bun is a particular south Indian breakfast dish (known as banana sweet buns or poori) from the Mangalore region of Karnataka.

Buns are ordinary for breakfast snacks. You can also eat it as a snack.


1. How to Make South Indian Tiffin Items?

The top 10 tiffins from south India are:







Rava Dosa




2. What Do South Indians Eat for Breakfast?

Some of the familiar dishes that south Indians eat for breakfast are:

Medu Vada

Chana Dal Vada



Ven Pongal

Masala Dosa

Rava Khichdi

Benne Dosa

Mangalore Bun and Rava Dosa.

3. Is South Indian Food Good for Breakfast?

South Indian recipes and breakfast like Idli and Dosa are somewhat unwholesome.

But unruly to favored opinion, food like Idli and Dosa, which are low in calories, are harmful.

4. What Are Some Scrumptious Breakfast in South Indian Dishes?

The top 10 easy and famous South Indian Breakfast dishes are:

Medu Vada Recipe

Chana Dal

Vada Recipe

Rava Dosa Recipe

Uttapam Recipe

Puttu Recipe

Ven Pongal

Recipe Masala

Dosa Recipe

Rava Khichdi Recipe

Benne Dosa Recipe

Mangalore Bun Recipe

5. Which Is the Healthiest South Indian Breakfast?

Idly is one of the healthfullest and famous breakfasts in South India. This Idli is a sweet and light dish served with sambar and coconut sauce that is delicious and healthy.

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