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8 Traditional Vegan Indian Food – Dishes, Guide & Recipes

Vegan Indian Food is purely made and created from natural elements for the sake of proteins, calcium, and health maintenance.

A lot of people find problems while eating meat, beef, mutton, eggs, and fish and they prefer to have vegetables and fruit or the products made from these two things.

Vegan Indian Food Dishes and Recipes
Vegan Modern Indian Food Dishes and Recipes

So, we call them vegans. For that aforementioned purpose, Indian Vegan food is popular all over the universe and people love to have them for diet and health increment.

The availability of Indian vegan foods in the USA makes the citizens of the USA and foreigners love and have the cuisine.

A list of the well-known Vegan Indian Food

  1.   Daal Chawal

The best Indian food is daal Chawla because it has strong cultural and historical references for veganism. Dieters love this food because it tastes natural and good, you might try daal chawal with different lentils that are pure.

If you use the grams with rice, it would sound good. Further, you might cook daal chawal at home or get it at your dining table from vegan Indian food in Los Angeles.

  1.   Vegetable Biryani

The second favorite Indian food of vegan is vegetable biryani which might have every type of vegetable in it. This Indian traditional, natural, and vegan food has a very easy process to be followed while cooking.

You just need to have multiple vegetables like carrots, potatoes, coriander, tomato, cauliflower, onion, ginger, and many more natural ingredients. Further, you might eat vegetable vegan Indian biryani with a salad that will add more taste and spark to it.

  1.   Chana Masala

If you put a question that what Indian food is vegan, we would definitely answer by saying that chana masala is one of the famous Indian food vegans.

Chana Masala is purely cooked with natural ingredients including onion, garlic, ginger, and coriander. A lot of people eat it for breakfast and some vegans eat it at night with roti (bread).

  1.     Aloo Puri

Aloo Puri
Aloo Puri

If you want to taste spicy and delicious Indian food, aloo puri can be a remarkable option for you.

This Indian vegan-friendly food can be made at home or purchased from vegan dining table Indian food NYC and Trader Joe’s Indian food in the USA for an unforgettable taste.

As far as this recipe is concerned, you will have a mixture of aloo, bread, salad, and chutney.

  1.    Palak Paneer

This Indian vegan food comes into the circle of the best Indian food. Palak Panner is made with the help of spinach and butter which are mostly natural.

You can taste, make, and purchase this traditional and best Indian food from the well-known restaurants of the United States of America such as vegan Chicago Indian food and vegan NYC Indian food.

  1.     Chole Bathure

Chole Bathure
Chole Bathure

The curry and bread make a very special taste and combination for vegans who are looking for natural but spicy food.

This can be the best choice for vegans because it has the flexibility of enchanting and increasing hunger more and more.

In this recipe, you would have puri, curry, bread, and salad that will create a natural combination of veganism.

So, all in all, you can try this vegan food with a spark of love for food even being a dieter.

  1.     Kofta

In other words, you can call it meatball which has become the most traditional and vegetarian food in India, America, Canada, and the UK too because people enjoy eating Kofta.

You have your own choice whether you take it at a restaurant or home.

If you have a choice for a restaurant, vegan Indian food in Los Angeles and the other one is vegan Chicago Indian food would be the considerable choices.

These food points would surely meet your objectives of having natural food.

  1.     Halwa

Gajar ka Halwa is very popular as the best vegan Indian dessert because it has strong connectivity with the natural ingredients and people in South and North India love this dessert.

You might get this vegan dessert from any famous restaurant.


  1.     What Indian curry is vegan?

The Indian vegan curry is mostly considered the Channa Masala but the mixture of vegetables and cooking them without spices can have the better version of curry. So, we can call it the Indian vegan curry easily.

  1.     Is tikka masala vegan?

Yes, the tikka masala is vegan (if you want to know what Indian food is vegan) because you get natural ingredients in it such as paneer, onion, coriander, garlic, and ginger.

In the other words, you can call it the pro version of vegan food that is popular in North India. Remember, inhabitants in the USA taste, make, and order it with extra enthusiasm.

  1.     Is India vegan-friendly?

The best 7 recipes (foods) that we have provided are the true versions of vegan Indian food and foodies can eat them without any fear and hesitation. Even those who are on diet can have these Indian vegan-friendly foods at home and outside of the home too.

  1.     What is vegan at Indian restaurants?

At the Indian restaurants, you would get every type of vegan food whether it is in the form of the dish (daal chawal, vegetable biryani, aloo puri, palak paneer, or dessert (halwa). Vegan food is easily available at any Indian restaurant. If you are looking for vegan food in the USA, don’t worry because we have a solution to the next question.

  1.     How do vegans order Indian food?

It is very easy when it comes to ordering this Indian food because, for that specific purpose, we have vegan best Indian food in Los Angeles, vegan spicy Indian food in Los Chicago, and Trader Joe’s vegan Indian food. These vegan food providers have every type of vegan food that you can order online and offline too.

  1.     Can biryani be vegetarian?

Of course, we have mentioned biryani as vegetarian food and you people might eat it as vegan food.

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