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West Indian Food that Creates Craze for Foodie Lovers

West Indian Food has its recognition and separate status in the Indian dishes. However, Indian food is very famous all over the world because of its distinct identity.

They contain natural ingredients and some specific spices and sauces to make them more delightful and yummy.

An excellent point for these foods is that you can observe each ingredient’s taste in every single bite. They provide you with more calories for the maintenance of your health.

west Indian Food
Delicious west Indian Food

A list of 7 West Indian food that Increases Hunger and Love for Food

Here we will talk about the best western Indian foods, which people are obsessed with.

  1. Zunka Bhakri

This Indian food is our traditional and famous dish in the Western Indian area. It is made by sabzi with chickpea or besan flour. It has its original and novel texture.

Zunka Bhakri
Zunka Bhakri

Zunka bhakri is a mixture of red chili, curry leaves, and turmeric with other natural herbs and ingredients.

The recipe for this dish is pretty easy to cook at home or any other picnic place. It is cooked with cumin seeds or mustard seeds with ginger, garlic, and chilies.

The best way to have this dish, you must eat it with the bajra roti. The taste of roti and dish simultaneously represents an incredible mouth-watering texture as well as fragrance.

  1. Goan Fish Curry

Another delicious food is Goan Fish Curry. You can make this dish at your home in just one hour. The ingredients for Goan Fish Curry are coconut, tamarind as well as some spices in this meal.

Western Indians do prefer to add Kashmiri chilies for making this dish more adorable. It has been cooked with ginger, garlic, and onions properly.

The inclusion of all these ingredients makes this food more flavorful than the other regular foods. You will not forget the taste of this west Fish Curry Indian food.

  1. Chicken Curry

Another delectable and terrific food in Weston, India is chicken, Curry.

It is famous for its incredible combination of natural ingredients and peppers to make it a refreshing and undeniable dish.

Goan Chicken Curry
Goan Chicken Curry

Undoubtedly, chicken curry is the best representation of Indian food in western and all over the surroundings.

The combination of chicken, potatoes, curry powder, ginger, garlic, and peppers makes your mouth water.

And it will take your heart away from you to the glorious hot food. The memorable and delicious food always remains in the mouth.

  1. Bombay duck

It is also called Bombil. Generally, with its name, it’s not a duck, and it is a kind of fully stuffed fish.

You can find this fish in the waters of Mumbai around it.

Bombay Duck Fry
Bombay Duck Fry

You can also call it a lizardfish. Due to Its softness, you can fall apart the fish very easily. The experience of falling apart is very much exciting and enjoyable.

For making this dish, we first marinate it for 2 to 3 hours with chili powder, turmeric, lime, and rice batter.

Through this, you will get absolutely extraordinary pleasure & experience while eating and munching it.

  1. Vada Pav Indian West Food

Vada pav is the most famous and delicious snack food in western India, especially in the United States of America.

Visitors from other countries love to have the vada pav with them to eat. This Indian food is made by taking a potato mixture and making it round.

After putting the balls of potato mixture into the batter, we cook it in the cooking oil. After getting the golden brown color, we take it out because it has been cooked and prepared for eating.

Whenever you think about Mumbai, you must have a picture in your mind of Vada Pav. People are obsessed with this crispy West and delicious Indian food.

  1. Bebinca

It is also called Bebinka; it is one of the most famous dishes of Goa. And it is a preferable food over the other Goan dishes. It has been made with coconut layers.

Traditionally, there are from 7 to 16 layers, but what you demand and love to have are your preference and priority.

Coconut layers and butter make it more delightful and delicious. The taste-conscious people are willing to have such a sort of recipe in their stomachs.

It is entitled “The queen of Goa desserts.” If we observe West Indian food, it has various schemes, textures, tastes, recipes, preferences, and much more.

  1. Dhokla

Dhokla is a vegetarian snack that we have in West India food.

It has been touching the boundaries of taste and mixtures of delightful aspects of the meal.


It is made of graham flour, salt, sugar, turmeric powder, water, besan flour, and batter.

Spicy tadka of mustard seeds and the usage of lemon and curd make it a spongy snack. You can have this food in your breakfast or as a side dish.

You can also eat this as a snack in the evening with a cup of tea. It will make your day and evening flavorful.

West Indian food is popular and famous for its quality, uniqueness, novelty, and customer preference.

You can access it at every restaurant in the United States of America.

For that purpose, Indian food west Hollywood, Indian food west village, and Indian food west Seattle are available in Texas, California, Alaska, Washington, and Hawaii.

Further, Indian food in West Hartford and Indian food upper west side are always available for serving you.

Final Thoughts on West Indian Food

Indian food in the West is popular and famous for its quality, uniqueness, novelty, and customer preference.

You can access it at every restaurant in the United States of America.

For that purpose Indian food west Hollywood, Indian food west village, and Indian food west Seattle are available in Texas, California, Alaska, Washington, and Hawaii.

Further, Indian food in West Hartford, as well as Indian food upper west side, is always available to serve you.


1. Why do you prefer West India food?

These foods are full of nutrition and vitamins. We use natural ingredients to prepare these dishes. These foods are full of energy with a low cholesterol level impression. Novelty and completeness are always here for you.

2. What is the main food of West Indians?

There is no specific main food of the West Indies. They usually have cassava, beans, rice, and plantains. They do prefer cilantro, bell peppers, and chickpeas.

3. What do they eat in the west?

They usually eat and prefer the fruits like blueberries, cherries, pears, apples, and many more. They also eat seafood, royal reds, spiny lobster, and Cuban food as well as pies, and French fries.

4. What food do Caribbeans eat?

They usually eat meals that are rich in proteins, carbohydrates, and fibers like wheat.  They also eat various types of fruits, plants, and vegetables.

5. What are the main food items of coastal areas of western India?

In the coastal areas in western India, the people prefer to eat spicy and delicious foods. These foods are made with natural ingredients and cooked well in cooking oil with ginger, garlic, and sauces. They eat fruits and vegetables too.

6. What are some characteristics of traditional Caribbean food?

The people here usually go for the fruits like mangoes, papaya, and yams. But they also have a better and healthier option to have spicy food like meat and fish in the meal. They feel excited to have such food.

7. What is the traditional Caribbean food of the West Indians?

The traditional Caribbean food includes meat and vegetables. The people who are living there, also go for the soups. Meals like fish, chicken, and rice are also eaten in the Caribbean sort food. They also eat different sorts of fruits in their daily routine.

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